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Letters to the Editor - Trump

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Trump recordings
by Dick Arkless
Dear Editor: The Trump denial that HE made no recording of his conversation with Mr. Comey and that HE ...more
JUN-22-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Media blames Trump for shooting??
by Joan Davis
Dear Editor: I am outraged that the Main Stream Media blames Donald Trump for the shooting of ...more
JUN-15-2017  Viewed(88)    Comment
James Comey´s Testimony+Pres. Trump
by Anh Lê
TO THE EDITOR: President Trump and his lawyer are correct: James Comey's testimony puts the ...more
JUN-15-2017  Viewed(314)    Comment
London terrorist atrocity
by George Appleby
Dear Editor: Since when does dodging the draft give an American president the ability, or right, to ...more
JUN-05-2017  Viewed(51)    Comment
Economic Slavery
by Scot Morgan
Dear Editor: When you examine major issues such as health care insurance, avoidance of air-quality ...more
JUN-04-2017  Viewed(89)    Comment
Russian conspiracy
by Joel Thornton
Dear Editor: The Russian Canard The far left?s ?Russian? conspiracy explaining Hillary?s loss ...more
MAY-28-2017  Viewed(77)    Comment
Bad Man = Bad Behavior
by steve hopper
Dear Editor: This morning, regarding the president, I read another letter from someone telling liberals ...more
MAY-27-2017  Viewed(73)    Comment
Trump Perpetuates War on Terror
by Robert V. Simpson
Dear Editor: How to perpetuate the War on Terror: Do what the current President just did. Sit in a ...more
MAY-21-2017  Viewed(127)    Comment
Tapes held by Trump
by elliot raphaelson
Dear Editor: Your editorial on 5/17 suggested that Trump release all tapes regarding meetings between ...more
MAY-18-2017  Viewed(89)    Comment
Trump´s brand
by James Kazalis
Dear Editor: President Trump's brand is being tarnished every single day by none other than himself. ...more
MAY-17-2017  Viewed(128)    Comment
Constitutional Crisis
by Martin Ortiz
Dear Editor: During the FBI investigation of the Watergate scandal, 1972-3, the Select Committee on ...more
MAY-17-2017  Viewed(90)    Comment
CEO rump
by John H. Lindquist
Dear Editor: I hear/see people, including the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, refer to ...more
MAY-14-2017  Viewed(94)    Comment
Presidents Carter and Trump
by Ann G. Sullivan
Dear Editor: Your comparison of President Trump with President Carter caused this reader to wonder what ...more
MAY-13-2017  Viewed(124)    Comment
by Christian Orr Ewing
Dear Editor: Trump's Combey-over. Yours etc., Christian Orr Ewing. ...more
MAY-10-2017  Viewed(121)    Comment
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