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Letters to the Editor - Trump

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Trump and my 2020 vote
by James Kazalis
Dear Editor: I sincerely hope that President Trump does so well in his first term of office that the ...more
JAN-18-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
GOP wants Dems to honor birther man
by Louis A DeRosa
Dear Editor: So GOP, you want President Obama and the entire Democratic party to give this President ...more
JAN-16-2017  Viewed(31)    Comment
Trump & GOP Congress have Guts
by Carol Chase
Dear Editor: Trump & the GOP Congress have "Guts". They're gutting: HEALTHCARE when they receive this ...more
JAN-15-2017  Viewed(64)    Comment
by Lynne Duncan
Dear Editor: I invite everyone to wear a black armband on in auguration day.No need for ...more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(16)    Comment
Stock Markets Starting to Dump Trum
by Margarethe Bracey
Dear Editor: I usually try to avoid reading your op ed pieces that are critical of our new ...more
JAN-13-2017  Viewed(72)    Comment
Donald Trump
by Stephen Doyle
Dear Editor: I have just watched Donald Trumps (anti) press conference. It was like the opening shots of ...more
JAN-12-2017  Viewed(19)    Comment
Free Press
by Jane and Hugh Dougan
Dear Editor: We understand that your New York Times reporters were present today, at the ...more
JAN-12-2017  Viewed(45)    Comment
Dems and Press - Get on Board
by Todd Bennett
Dear Editor ? Its more than obvious the world has changed, most notably for the Press as they will not ...more
JAN-18-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
Donald Trump
by Johanna Skelding
Dear Editor: Bipolar Trump is welcome to have as many 'golden showers' as he wants. I just hope that he ...more
JAN-11-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
by Susan Rae Howard
Dear Editor: Journalists have a critical role as watchdogs for society which is why I am disappointed ...more
JAN-18-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Train Wreck Presidency
by Louis A DeRosa
Dear Editor: I have written op-eds to this paper before. I usually write lengthy ones that sometimes ...more
JAN-11-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
Trump won because...in one sentence
by Suru Manek
Dear Editor: Why did trump win over Hillary in ONE sentence was a contest among my friend circle. My ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(72)    Comment
by R. Maclure
Dear Editor: Has Donald Trump been watching the closing speech of Oliver Cromwell in the film 'Cromwell? ...more
JAN-08-2017  Viewed(27)    Comment
Donald Trumps Debt
by Suzannah B Troy
Dear ...more
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
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