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7CPC to ICAR pensioners-reg.
by Dr. Raj Kumar Sairam
Dear Editor: While the Govt. of India/Dept. of Personnel & Training has already issued orders for the ...more
JUN-23-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
Attack on Pensioners
by John Howard
Dear Editor: I have been a Conservative voter for over 50 years and have paid tax and NI for the whole ...more
MAY-21-2017  Viewed(36)    Comment
Pensioners Triple lock increase
by Stuart king
Dear Editor: I am intrigued by the opinions on pensioners " Triple lock increases" to the detriment of ...more
MAY-03-2017  Viewed(37)    Comment
AARP MedicareRX Plan insured by UHC
by Ronald E. Harding
Dear Editor: I just learned that the AARP MedicareRX Plan insured by UHC utilizes a pharmacy, OptumRx, ...more
APR-29-2017  Viewed(119)    Comment
Americans Fear Losing Retirement
by Jeff Vogan
Dear Editor: I would say the most frequent concern for most people is ?Will I run out of money ...more
MAY-02-2017  Viewed(52)    Comment
Senior citizen benefit
by K K Mahajan
Dear Editor: Sir, A senior citizen needs lot many services after attaining 60 years of age. His earning ...more
FEB-15-2017  Viewed(102)    Comment
Care of Older People
by Penny
Dear Editor: The recent discussions on the lack of funding to support older people has ignored other ...more
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(94)    Comment
Pension delay to age 70
by Anthony Fox
Dear Editor: Olivia Rudgard (17 Jan 2017) presents an highly imbalanced report. She has neglected ...more
JAN-17-2017  Viewed(119)    Comment
elderly hungry and thirsty 5th Dec
by Mrs Susan Clark
Dear Editor: Sir, My mother aged 96 lives in a care home, which I visit nearly every day. Yes, meals ...more
DEC-06-2016  Viewed(124)    Comment
Demonetisation and Senior Citizens
by S.Kumar
Dear Editor: Even if unintentional, senior citizens have been hit very hard by demonetisation. Being ...more
DEC-06-2016  Viewed(284)    Comment
Grievances of pensioners and senior
by A.P. Sundli
Dear Editor: Grievances of pensioners and senior citizens Kind attention of the Government is ...more
NOV-05-2016  Viewed(174)    Comment
No 8% social security return
by David Kelly
Dear Editor: To get the 8% social security yearly return you get nothing for 4 years. Thats why so ...more
SEP-28-2016  Viewed(227)    Comment
Annual 3% rent increase for seniors
by Esther W. Hersh
Dear Editor: Recently the Los Angeles City Council passed a bill regarding barking dogs which ...more
SEP-21-2016  Viewed(211)    Comment
Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
by Ashok Kumar Choudhury
Dear Editor: Sir, I am a Central ...more
APR-25-2016  Viewed(320)    Comment
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