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Letters to the Editor - Scottish Independence

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Scottish Independence
Scotlandīs right to leave the UK
by Martyn Ridley
Dear Editor: Now that the High Court has established that Parliament is supreme in matters of ...more
FEB-01-2017  Viewed(41)    Comment
Scotland and Briext
by D Linghurst
Dear Editor:Scotland once again complaining about leaving the EU. Let's have a referendum in England on ...more
NOV-20-2016  Viewed(148)    Comment
Brexit vote legitimacy
by Stuart Taylor
Dear Editor: Legitimacy of Brexit Vote In September 2014, as a resident of Scotland, I voted in the ...more
NOV-19-2016  Viewed(159)    Comment
Brexit Referendum Vote
by Bob and Kathleen Woolley
Dear Editor: One assumes that the High Court judgement requiring Parliament to approve Britain's ...more
NOV-10-2016  Viewed(90)    Comment
Scottish Referendum
by Christopher Aspinall
Dear Editor: With Nicola Sturgeon's posturing at the recent SNP conference should we perhaps christen ...more
OCT-16-2016  Viewed(109)    Comment
Scottish Local Government
by Bob Jack
Dear Editor: Why Won't Scottish Government Grasp Local Government Nettle? In the First Minister's ...more
MAR-02-2016  Viewed(386)    Comment
Scottish Independence
by Alex Payne
Sir After seeing the comments of Nicola Sturgeon, suggesting another referendum (presumably on a ...more
SEP-23-2015  Viewed(294)    Comment
Corbyn and National Anthem
by Anthony Eden
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, I cannot understand all the fuss about Mr Corbyn failing to sing the National ...more
SEP-23-2015  Viewed(254)    Comment
Scottish National Party
by Clive Pearce
Dear Editor: In the keeness of the SNP to involve itself in "English only" matters, am I alone in ...more
JUL-20-2015  Viewed(375)    Comment
EU Referendum
by Jeff Ward
Dear Editor: I note that the SNP consider that in order for the proposed referendum to be a vote in ...more
JUN-16-2015  Viewed(369)    Comment
Scottish National Party
by Keith Hook
Dear Editor: Many English voters can't help wondering if the SNP in Clare Short's famous phrase will ...more
MAY-15-2015  Viewed(691)    Comment
Scottish MPīs visit to the House.
by Michael Bennett
Dear Editor: So Corporal Sturgeon has brought her troops to London for a recce. 57 air fares and 57 ...more
MAY-21-2015  Viewed(597)    Comment
Scottish brain drain south
by Jennifer Deegan
Sir: At the time of the referendum last year it was stated that 750,000 Scots-born people were living ...more
MAY-20-2015  Viewed(367)    Comment
Op-Ed The Center-Right Moment
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
TO THE EDITOR: This is in regards to your op-ed piece ?The Center-Right Moment? (NYT, 12 May 2015) by ...more
MAY-12-2015  Viewed(723)    Comment
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