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The Earth is Alive
by John Titor II
Dear Editor: The Earth is Alive We inhabit a planet called Earth. Earth is a living planet. Most ...more
MAY-29-2015  Viewed(477)    Comment
Big Meal Baby bites
by Christine A Lee
Dear Editor: As a life-long visitor and a friend of the Royal Botanic Gardens I was shocked to see the ...more
MAY-14-2015  Viewed(112)    Comment
Dimensions in the universe
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Where the universe is concerned,mathematics has led cosmologists to propose that there are ...more
MAY-13-2015  Viewed(114)    Comment
IT stands for INDIAīS TOOL
Dear Editor: Internet Technology in 21st century is progressively evolving like an infant which when ...more
APR-30-2015  Viewed(135)    Comment
Robots to create mass unemployment?
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Many people fear and predict that automation,robots,and artificial intelligence will ...more
APR-21-2015  Viewed(163)    Comment
Birth of Killer Robots
by Rana Sudhir Kumar
Dear Editor: With reference to news item 'Birth of Killer Robots',(pg.26, TOI 15 April), its ironic that ...more
APR-22-2015  Viewed(96)    Comment
Indigenous 3d printer
Dear Editor: Four students from mechanical engineering department of College of engineering ,Guindy have ...more
APR-11-2015  Viewed(146)    Comment
Our Government Hacked
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Our Government Hacked Yesterday April 7, 2015, it was revealed that hackers sponsored and supported by ...more
APR-08-2015  Viewed(217)    Comment
Insecure Internet Voting in NSW
by Barbara Simons
Dear Editor: re: "International experts warn of the risks of Australian online voting tools," March ...more
MAR-27-2015  Viewed(243)    Comment
the eclipse
by martin linton
Dear Editor: my grandfather witnessed a total eclipse of the sun in newcastle.the year was 1927.the ...more
MAR-21-2015  Viewed(176)    Comment
Second Dawn Chorus
by Adrian Rutter
Dear Sir, My wife was interested to hear a second dawn chorus immediately after the shadow of the ...more
MAR-20-2015  Viewed(146)    Comment
Isostatic Rebound
by Guy
Dear Editor: I would like to enlist your aid in exposing the myth of Isostacy often referred to as Post ...more
MAR-03-2015  Viewed(173)    Comment
The Lunar Planetary conjunction
by Tony Ireland
Dear Editor: The splendid photo of the Lunar Planetary conjunction in Mondays Telegraph was taken on ...more
FEB-23-2015  Viewed(168)    Comment
Coasts brace for 20-year high tide
by Antony Atkin
Dear Editor: Your Science Editor states that "The spring tides are being caused by the Moon nearing it's ...more
FEB-21-2015  Viewed(181)    Comment
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