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Why the mockery of Google Glass?
by Shrey Gohil
Dear Editor: Please publish our blog on the latest gadget "Google Glass". ====== Why the mockery ...more
APR-17-2014  Viewed(14)    Comment
Global Warming
by Marlane Ritchings
Dear Editor; I guess if you lie long and hard enough people will believe it as truth. Wake up ...more
APR-14-2014  Viewed(54)    Comment
MH370 Type Crashes Can Be Prevented
by Sy Levine
Dear Editor: MH-370 Type Tragedies and Most Fatal Crashes Can Be Prevented By Proactive Use of the DFDR ...more
APR-10-2014  Viewed(26)    Comment
The Missing Flight
by Tahir Shah
Dear Editor: Is it just me or is anyone else out there surprised that the batteries on a black box ...more
APR-14-2014  Viewed(16)    Comment
by Devon Hamilton
Dear Editor: I am deeply distressed and angry that in this day and age an aircraft can just change ...more
MAR-25-2014  Viewed(66)    Comment
Intelligent design debate
by Rodney Dreyer
Dear Editor: Darwin's theory of natural selection is referred to as settled science. Actually it is 19th ...more
MAR-25-2014  Viewed(64)    Comment
Christianity or the big bang
by John L. Heiden
Dear Editor: The Bible says that in the beginning there was God and nothing else. So that if the ...more
MAR-20-2014  Viewed(119)    Comment
GM ignition problem
by Sanford Freeman
Dear Editor: The problem with ignition switches failing is not new. At least ten years ago the Car ...more
MAR-11-2014  Viewed(89)    Comment
A man deserving global holiday?
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: A Scottish man called James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879),created "Maxwell's Equations",which ...more
MAR-07-2014  Viewed(55)    Comment
Creationism in science lessons
by Philip Iszatt
Dear Editor: The questions of who are we and where we come from are religious AND science questions. To ...more
FEB-22-2014  Viewed(168)    Comment
Leter to Editor
by Asit Kumar Chakraborty, MSc; Ph.D.
Dear Editor: The Times of India, Kolkata. Dear Sir, I have read your recent publication entitled ? A ...more
DEC-31-2013  Viewed(177)    Comment
China moon landing
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Did China stage its moon landing in the Gobi desert? ...more
DEC-14-2013  Viewed(226)    Comment
by Anirban Chatterjee
Dear Editor: Respected Sir, I am Anirban Chatterjee, a student of Class XII, Indira Gandhi ...more
DEC-07-2013  Viewed(249)    Comment
Economic Environmentalism
by Justin Gaddis
Dear Editor: Scientific consensus on climate change is widespread and funding for climate change study ...more
NOV-26-2013  Viewed(358)    Comment
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