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Isostatic Rebound
by Guy
Dear Editor: I would like to enlist your aid in exposing the myth of Isostacy often referred to as Post ...more
MAR-03-2015  Viewed(12)    Comment
The Lunar Planetary conjunction
by Tony Ireland
Dear Editor: The splendid photo of the Lunar Planetary conjunction in Mondays Telegraph was taken on ...more
FEB-23-2015  Viewed(22)    Comment
Coasts brace for 20-year high tide
by Antony Atkin
Dear Editor: Your Science Editor states that "The spring tides are being caused by the Moon nearing it's ...more
FEB-21-2015  Viewed(45)    Comment
driverless cars
by C Gillett
Dear Editor: Will driverless cars be able to avoid potholes? ...more
FEB-19-2015  Viewed(42)    Comment
casting vote thru internet.
Dear Editor: I?ve been working as an administrator in state govt. of West Bengal since last 32 years ...more
FEB-19-2015  Viewed(48)    Comment
by William F. Steagall, Sr.
Dear Editor: To me, and I have been in the computer field since 1951, that companies put secret material ...more
FEB-13-2015  Viewed(145)    Comment
Designer babies
by Krithika.v.p
Dear Editor: As a biotechnology student,I wish to say that this new technology is a boon to our ...more
FEB-04-2015  Viewed(44)    Comment
the vimana controversy in the ISC
by vineeth kumar s
Dear Editor: The recently concluded indian science congress had hit with a controversy with ...more
JAN-22-2015  Viewed(65)    Comment
Junk Science
by Ron Whitehorne
Dear Editor: I agree with Colin Pratt, when questioning the percentage of how many, who make solid ...more
JAN-11-2015  Viewed(104)    Comment
by Dwayne Robinson
Dear Editor: When produce we use to eat grew from the ground, naturally. Their were hardly and deceases ...more
JAN-08-2015  Viewed(193)    Comment
controlling the weather
by Dwayne Robinson
Dear Editor: For years since the 1950's mankind has been trying to control mother nature. Since 1950 ...more
JAN-08-2015  Viewed(163)    Comment
Disgrace of Scientific Attitude
by Nirali Vaidya
Dear Editor: The rise of Disgrace of Scientific Attitude The recent online petition by a NASA scientist ...more
JAN-12-2015  Viewed(45)    Comment
Editorial on PMīs science congress
by Madan M Godbole
Dear Editor: PM's science congress speech was inspiring and editorial comments/suggestions are well ...more
JAN-05-2015  Viewed(84)    Comment
Science Congress and ancient India
by santosh Hakim
Dear Editor: This has reference to recent outburst at the Science Congress which only reflects how the ...more
JAN-12-2015  Viewed(44)    Comment
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