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Letters to the Editor - Immigration

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Trumps Deportation Surge 02/23/2017
by roger yolo
Dear Editor: What are you thinking or do you, in saying "... only capture law-abiding immigrants whose ...more
FEB-24-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Immigration policy
by Marc Viguera
Dear Editor: How about writing an editorial about " work permits. " roll in the search for answers to ...more
FEB-23-2017  Viewed(16)    Comment
Business & Economy
by Hemant Dixit
Dear Editor: US ban on H1B visa ? ?A great opportunity for India? Dear Sir, US ban on H1B visa for ...more
FEB-12-2017  Viewed(35)    Comment
FDRīS E.O. 9066 & TRUMPīS E.O.s
Dear Editor: 75 years ago on Feb. 19 FDR signed E.O. 9066. It placed 110,000 Japanese Americans into ...more
FEB-09-2017  Viewed(97)    Comment
Biotech article in business section
by Lisa Johnston
Dear Editor: With regard to the article in today's business section about the biotech industrie's ...more
FEB-08-2017  Viewed(51)    Comment
Trumped -H-1B Visa......now what?
by RJ Advano
Dear Editor: Question : How should the young Indian professionals inert complacency about all the ...more
FEB-13-2017  Viewed(29)    Comment
Letter to President Trump
by Katania Castaneda
Dear Editor: My name is Katania Castaneda, and I am writing to you as an outraged and concerned ...more
FEB-02-2017  Viewed(121)    Comment
Wall on border
by Robert Higgins
Dear Editor: Few years ago, Paul Harvey suggested that 50-100 yards of "jumping choya" along that border ...more
FEB-02-2017  Viewed(75)    Comment
Foreign Nationlsa and NHS
by Tony Buckle
Dear Editor: In the case of the Nigerian woman who was unable to pay half a million ponds for her ...more
FEB-01-2017  Viewed(58)    Comment
Immigration ban
by terence grant
Dear Editor: I refer to the article ??Google criticizes impact on staff of Trump immigration ...more
FEB-05-2017  Viewed(41)    Comment
Trumpīs blockade of immigrants
by Clive Fisk
Dear Editor: Should the plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty be removed as obviously the poem ...more
JAN-28-2017  Viewed(60)    Comment
Trumpīs Wall
by Louis F Chenette
Dear Editor: Trump's wall is more a symbol than a deterrent. And that's a problem for symbols are beyond ...more
JAN-26-2017  Viewed(97)    Comment
Border Wall Between US and Mexico.
by Ramesh Balasubramanian
Dear Editor: One of the first issues to be addressed by the new Trump administration is regarding the ...more
JAN-25-2017  Viewed(76)    Comment
Dear Editor: Given both the Home Office & supporting Charities have stressed repeatedly over the past ...more
OCT-22-2016  Viewed(137)    Comment
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