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Letters to the Editor - Grenfell Tower

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Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower fire
by Garry Sharp
Dear Editor: There has been great confusion over the testing of the panels of cladding. The term ...more
JUN-30-2017  Viewed(65)    Comment
London Fire
by David Rees
Dear Editor: Could the relevant cabinet minister please explain why they are 'doing things' to the ...more
JUN-29-2017  Viewed(47)    Comment
Grenfell Tower
by Allan Grice MIFireE Assistant Chief Fire Officer (Retd)
Dear Editor: A key question needing to be asked in the wake of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower is ...more
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(46)    Comment
Grenfell Fire
Dear Editor: The Labour Party should stop using the Grenfell tragedy as a political platform as had ...more
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(48)    Comment
Insurance companies
by Andrew Frazer
Dear Editor: I refer to the Grenfell Tower fire. I cannot understand why the Insurance companies are not ...more
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(46)    Comment
Grenfell Towers
by Barbara Scott-Wignall
Dear Editor: Theresa May visited Grenfell Towers as the under dog. It was a Labour held seat, had she ...more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(81)    Comment
After the fire - compliance complacency
by John Pantall
Dear Editor: One very disturbing reaction after the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower were responses ...more
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(34)    Comment
News manipulation
by George Brown
Dear Editor: I have watched all week the dreadful story of Grenfell as it unfolded. I am very concerned ...more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(72)    Comment
Open letter to all MP,s re tower
by a wilcox
Dear Editor: I thought that MP,s were elected to serve the good of all its citizens regardless of colour ...more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(49)    Comment
Grenfell Tragedy.
by Brian Horrocks
Dear Editor: Considering the amount of foreign we send to various countries(some who have said they ...more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(53)    Comment
neglect of fire victims
by Paul R G Hicks
Dear Editor: May I suggest we let Officers of the British Army replace the shiny-bottomed politicians in ...more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(49)    Comment
Grenfell Tower replacement
by Kenneth Bull
Dear Editor: I could not help connecting two current items of news - the Grenfell Tower tragedy and ...more
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(35)    Comment
by Peter Clelford
Dear Editor: What sort of people are you? How low can you sink?. After what at the very least is the ...more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(79)    Comment
An Immediate Remedy
by Peter Horrobin
Dear Editor: Big fires start small. Put out the small fires and there won't be any big ones. If the ...more
JUN-17-2017  Viewed(34)    Comment
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