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Eurovision Song Contest
by Judy Hunter
Dear Editor: Eurovision Song Contest:- Am I getting ...more
MAY-21-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
Eurovision song contest
by Alan hopkins
Dear Editor: Following The statement by Mr. Juncker that English is now defunct, why was the Eurovision ...more
MAY-13-2017  Viewed(25)    Comment
Euro language
by Stephen Mischler
Dear Editor: If Jean Claude Juncker has watched the Eurovision song contest, I wonder whether he might ...more
MAY-13-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
DBBC Coverage of the General Electi
by Mark Bailey
Dear Editor: I have been listening to Radio 5 and watching BBC 1 today and have been listening to solely ...more
MAY-12-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
Tennis reporting
by Peter Isaacs
Dear Editor: It is very disappointing to see the absence of the achievement of a sporting landmark not ...more
APR-25-2017  Viewed(79)    Comment
Indian TV needs Animax
by Vikas G K
Dear Editor: It is quite true that India is a little behind in recognizing and supporting art. One such ...more
APR-21-2017  Viewed(64)    Comment
Impartiality of news coverage
by C J Evans
Dear Editor: In our house we call the BBC the Breathtakingly Biased Corporation. However since the Snap ...more
APR-28-2017  Viewed(36)    Comment
classic FM hall of fame
by Simon Hull
Dear Editor: at the risk of repetition, where can I get a licence to shoot that bl**dy bird ? ...more
APR-17-2017  Viewed(43)    Comment
Classical music
by Richard Cox
Dear Editor: I've just been listening to Classic FM's Easter hall of fame hear that in the top 100 37 ...more
APR-16-2017  Viewed(61)    Comment
sky press preview friday
by t ohair
Dear Editor: anyone who has criticised the bbc over brexit coverage which i agree with should have ...more
MAR-31-2017  Viewed(63)    Comment
BBC bias
by Mrs G Brightman
Dear Editor: This rebuff has been a long time coming. We watch Fox News who: Actually seem to ...more
MAR-21-2017  Viewed(72)    Comment
by Barry Lester
Dear Editor:I must say i totally agree with the article on the BBC should be renamed Brussels ...more
MAR-21-2017  Viewed(74)    Comment
Kpop culture and india
by Sweta desai
Dear Editor:Dear Editor: India has always been a land where we embrace not only our culture but ...more
MAR-12-2017  Viewed(106)    Comment
Kpop in India
by Selene Kamei
Dear Editor:ar Editor: Kpop is a genre of music that originated from South Korea and has seen it's ...more
MAR-09-2017  Viewed(91)    Comment
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