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Tudor-DudleyFamily alive in America
by D. Charles Rice
Dear Editor: My father was born 1887 and I was born 1948 so his advanced age in 1978 on a grey October day ... .....more
APR-28-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Character Education
by David Pyle
Dear Editor: As a Headteacher of a Community Primary School in Kent, I am continually dismayed at the Gov ... .....more
APR-28-2017  Viewed(5)    Comment
Brexit/General Election
by Ian Springer
Dear Editor: Referenda are a good way of revealing the mood of the people on a certain date. They are no ... .....more
APR-28-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
To go ahead with Lokpal
by vinoopavijayan
Dear Editor: The supreme court decision upon Lokpal and Lokayuktha Act 2103 is welcomed one .The gover ... .....more
APR-28-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
Why reservation in recruitment
by Syed Mujeebuddin Quadri
Dear Editor: As per the census of India 2011, SC's population is 16.2%, ST's 8.2%, OBC's 52% and rest 2 ... .....more
APR-28-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
New Verse Advance Australia Fair
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor I read in the media that some folks want to add a verse to Advance Australia Fair, to refle ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
Sir Patrick Moore/THE SKY AT NIGHT
by Mrs Sandra Saer
Dear Editor: As a friend and colleague of Patrick for forty years, I felt impelled to watch this evenin ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Accounting for every dollar
by Bruce Tabashneck, School Social Worker
Dear Editor: To improve Medicaid effectiveness, we need additional ways to view where funds go and what ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(17)    Comment
your employment of foreigners
by Michael Preston
Dear Editor: I have taken the WSJ for so long I can't remember , 40 + years I suspect and when I have ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
The Speaking Tree
by Dinesh Kumar Das
Dear Editor: Love and its Lover Love is the ultimate alm ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(4)    Comment
digital payments meseva Kendras AP
by viswanadha Rao Tatavarty
Dear Editor: AP is one of the states which is promoting digital payments. The Mee-Seva Kendras don't ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
by Jean Bennett
Dear Editor: Skate is my favourite fish so I was interested to read letter from Paul Gilson on 23rd Apr ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
by John Horsnell
Dear Editor: for years, when muddled as to the names of our younger generation, I have called him or her ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
Ban on drugs
by Shahid Mustafa Bhutto
Dear Editor: It is a well-known fact that drug is like cancer which is destroying our nation. It is a com ... .....more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment