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Letters with interesting Viewpoints (does not reflect the views of this site)
College Tuition and Fees
by James V. Koch
Dear Editor: Rich Vedder (WSJ, Feb. 15, 2017) is on target with his comments about the impact of federa ... .....more
FEB-21-2017  Viewed(40)    Comment
by Dr Anthony Owen
Dear Editor: Leave voters are concerned about the cost of Britain?s membership of the EU, but is this ... .....more
FEB-20-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Gender Pay Gap
by JoAnn Mckinney
Dear Editor: The Gender Pay Gap in the United States is an issue that has been plaguing American femal ... .....more
FEB-09-2017  Viewed(116)    Comment
Trump vs. the Establishment
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: Below please find my response to the piece "Supreme Court Nominee Calls Trump?s Attacks on ... .....more
FEB-09-2017  Viewed(86)    Comment
America end of empire
by Gordon Emery
Dear Editor: The building of a wall to keep out invaders is surely a sign that the American Empire, li ... .....more
JAN-26-2017  Viewed(144)    Comment
Scotland´s right to leave the UK
by Martyn Ridley
Dear Editor: Now that the High Court has established that Parliament is supreme in matters of citizenship ... .....more
FEB-01-2017  Viewed(41)    Comment
POTUS Requirement
by W H Caruss
Dear Editor: I served in the U S Air Force for 20yrs & 7 days. I now believe that anyone that wants to ... .....more
JAN-25-2017  Viewed(60)    Comment
Mr. Trump, I am concerned!
by Donald Grassmann
Dear Editor: As a concerned American living abroad I truly am concerned with the direction that the new ... .....more
JAN-29-2017  Viewed(30)    Comment
Trump´s New Agenda
by Dr. Charles H. Frost
Dear Editor Whether you like our new President or not, I will assume most Americans agree with much of ... .....more
JAN-21-2017  Viewed(97)    Comment
NMC to blame for NHS shortages
by Chris Luscombe
Dear Editor: The Nurse shortage is set to worsen as nurses from Europe look to move overseas fearing B ... .....more
JAN-20-2017  Viewed(61)    Comment
Redistribution of wealth
by Paul ratcliffe
Dear Editor: I understand that six of the world's richest individuals own as much wealth as half the worl ... .....more
JAN-18-2017  Viewed(59)    Comment
Theresa May yesterday´s battles
by John Finlan
Is Theresa May fighting yesterday?s lost immigration battles today' Dear Editor, According to the Mo ... .....more
JAN-15-2017  Viewed(84)    Comment
Before repealing Obamacare
by Ray Wasyluka
Dear Editor: Public opinion surveys reveal that some Americans belive that Obamacare should be expanded ... .....more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(325)    Comment
Donald Trump
by Adam Stevenson
To the Editor: In nearly one week Donald Trump will become the President of the United States. Our enti ... .....more
JAN-20-2017  Viewed(43)    Comment