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Foreign language exchanges
by Elizabeth de Renzy Channer
Dear Editor: I could not agree more with the sentiment expressed in the leader entitled Child Swap, 16th ... .....more
JUN-19-2017  Viewed(56)    Comment
News manipulation
by George Brown
Dear Editor: I have watched all week the dreadful story of Grenfell as it unfolded. I am very concerned h ... .....more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(31)    Comment
Open letter to all MP,s re tower
by a wilcox
Dear Editor: I thought that MP,s were elected to serve the good of all its citizens regardless of colour ... .....more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
James Comey´s Testimony+Pres. Trump
by Anh Lê
TO THE EDITOR: President Trump and his lawyer are correct: James Comey's testimony puts the President's ... .....more
JUN-15-2017  Viewed(314)    Comment
Overseas aid, HS2 and nuclear power
by John Booth
Dear Editor: I was one of those conservatives who voted against may as she just ignores the wishes of th ... .....more
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(71)    Comment
by Dr Rod Lawson
Dear Editor: After the referendum, we found out a limited amount about what the electorate wanted. On bal ... .....more
JUN-09-2017  Viewed(85)    Comment
2017 General Election
by Steve Johnson
Dear Editor: Never has the mute button on the remote control been used or the radio switched off than dur ... .....more
JUN-16-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
Stopping terrorists
by Eugenio Biagini and Almut Hintze
Dear Editor: There is too much talk and not enough thought about how to respond to the terror emergency. ... .....more
JUN-06-2017  Viewed(94)    Comment
Economic Slavery
by Scot Morgan
Dear Editor: When you examine major issues such as health care insurance, avoidance of air-quality regula ... .....more
JUN-04-2017  Viewed(89)    Comment
by Ronald Shotter
Dear Editor: I wonder why the politicians think they know better, what the British electorate want or vot ... .....more
JUN-01-2017  Viewed(91)    Comment
Re: The Opening of the Liberal Mind
by Paul Wilson
Dear Editor: Re: The Opening of the Liberal Mind, by Michael S. Roth. I spent my working life in acad ... .....more
MAY-17-2017  Viewed(149)    Comment
Constitutional Crisis
by Martin Ortiz
Dear Editor: During the FBI investigation of the Watergate scandal, 1972-3, the Select Committee on Presi ... .....more
MAY-17-2017  Viewed(90)    Comment
Europe and our future
by Andrew
Dear Editor: Sir : President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is notorious for his ... .....more
MAY-16-2017  Viewed(81)    Comment
CEO rump
by John H. Lindquist
Dear Editor: I hear/see people, including the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, refer to Presiden ... .....more
MAY-14-2017  Viewed(94)    Comment