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Health Care shoppers
by Sandra Herde, APRN, FNP-C
Dear Editor: The Yes/no articles by Herrick and Frost are both right and both wrong. Dr. Herrick needs t ... .....more
APR-23-2017  Viewed(32)    Comment
Where Has Our Democracy Gone?
by Robert Jenkins
Dear Editor: So Theresa May, like a general on the battlefield is seizing the strategic initiative.  The ... .....more
APR-26-2017  Viewed(2)    Comment
carbon tax and election promises
by Wallace E Tyner
Dear Editor: Why would the Trump administration that is in the process of changing or eliminating many cl ... .....more
APR-25-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
Recognise a good prime minister
by Mrs. Shawe
Dear Editor: I wasn't sure of Theresa May when she became a prime minister but am now a great supporter ... .....more
APR-18-2017  Viewed(55)    Comment
Unfriendly Skies
by Rick Bragan
Dear Editor: Commuter airlines are an expensive joke for air travelers. They are staffed by an unfrien ... .....more
APR-12-2017  Viewed(58)    Comment
Syrian Conflict
by Graham Major
Dear Editor: The removal of Saddam Hussein created IS, the removal of Gadaffi has created mayhem. What ... .....more
APR-18-2017  Viewed(23)    Comment
Are Brexiteers on Pot?
by John Finlan
Dear Editor: A little while ago I saw various remarks to the effect that the EU was wary of Britain's e ... .....more
APR-02-2017  Viewed(123)    Comment
by Elizabeth Rivington
Dear Editor: The NHS has been in trouble for years. It has now become an emergency and too serious a pre ... .....more
MAR-31-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
Trump and Ryan: Affordable Care Act
by Anh Le
Dear Editor: Donald Trump's and Paul Ryan's efforts to eliminate President Obama's legislative legacy, ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewed(94)    Comment
London Terror
by Edward Sianski
Dear Editor: Bridges are structures that enable connectedness and unity. They are also used as a metaphor ... .....more
MAR-25-2017  Viewed(132)    Comment
The Education of an American Sage
by Sandy Wasserman
Dear Editor: I enjoyed reading The Education of an American Sage, by Tunku Varadarjan, but it?s important ... .....more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(175)    Comment
Repeated Scottish Referenda
by Julian Alcock
Dear Editor: I would like to point out the fundamental asymmetry in holding repeated referenda on the s ... .....more
MAR-24-2017  Viewed(43)    Comment
CBO Estimates
by Herbert Zydney
Dear Editor: Some would be surprised that the CBO actually agrees with the Wall Street Journal's editor ... .....more
MAR-14-2017  Viewed(110)    Comment
2/24/17, Free Trade by Lane
by Richard Lewthwaite
Dear Editor: Ref: WSJ 2/24/17, ?Confessions of a Free-Trade Lobbyist,? by Bill Lane Mr. Lane does ... .....more
MAR-07-2017  Viewed(95)    Comment