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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Grenfell Tower by Allan Grice MIFireE Assistant Chief Fire Officer (Retd)
Dear Editor: A key question needing to be asked in the wake of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower is the part played by the sea change in October 2006 to the fire authority enforced fire safety regulations. On that date the demonstrably...read more >>
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Grenfell Fire by SUSAN SUSSMAN
Dear Editor: The Labour Party should stop using the Grenfell tragedy as a political platform as had the last Labour government not run the country to near bankruptcy, there would not have been an austerity program! The cause of the fire was a...read more >>
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(5)    Comment
Health article in today´s DT by Stephen Jenkins
Dear Editor: I think it is time to point out that Dr. Aseem Malhotra is not a leading cardiologist,if such a position exists. The doctor is ,for sure,the leading self publicist amongst cardiologists and possibly the leading cardiologist amongst...read more >>
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment
Brexit by George Vickers
Dear Editor: WHY DON’T THE MEDIA TELL US THE TRUTH .We had a referendum on whether to leave the EU. The leave voters won but since the date of the referendum its been absolute chaos mainly because the remain voters refuse to accept the...read more >>
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
Speakers´ Corner by Lambert Courth
Dear Editor: I was amazed to read that a number of Police Officers were employed last Sunday to order seven speakers at Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, to get off their ladders, chairs and boxers for health and safety reasons. It is my understanding,...read more >>
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
BBC Bias by Richard Bizzey
Dear Editor: I would certainly endorse the comments in DT 23/06/17 and yesterday about the attitude Ms Kuenssberg. Whenever she appeared during the recent election I instinctively knew we would watch a string of criticism against the Conservative...read more >>
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Emile maitlis by Andrew Frazer
Dear Editor: It was disgraceful the manner in which Emily Maitlis questioned our Prime Minister the other day. Not only was she disrespectful to the elected leader of our country, she did everything in her power to ensure Emily Maitlis was the...read more >>
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment
Insurance companies by Andrew Frazer
Dear Editor: I refer to the Grenfell Tower fire. I cannot understand why the Insurance companies are not on site helping to re-house residents and assisting them with their claims. When we hear about communities being flooded we see insurance...read more >>
JUN-25-2017  Viewed(11)    Comment
English terminology by Kevin Routledge
Dear Editor: I am constantly irritated by the use of "floor" when "ground" seems to be the correct term. We frequently read of, for example, "he was knocked down by the car and left lying on the floor". Perhaps someone suitably qualified...read more >>
JUN-24-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
Laura Kuennsberg by Carol Rothery
Dear Editor: Readers should have some sympathy for Laurea Kuennsberg, if she was not left wing the BBC would not employ her. She has to hard question Tories and soft question Labour to survive....read more >>
JUN-24-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
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