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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
BBC drama poor audibility by (Mrs) Sally Hadley
Dear Editor: The letter by Geoff Pringle in today's Telegraph ('Not so loud speakers') makes a good general point regarding sound quality of modern televisions; yet it seems that drama on other channels does not have the same audibility problems. I...read more >>
FEB-24-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
Giving to charity by Julian Sutton
Dear Editor: as a pensioner who has worked hard for his money I am puzzled who to donate moneyto There are many worthy charities that I admire and would donate too . However I feel that so little of the funds go to the needy and so much goes...read more >>
FEB-24-2017  Viewed(5)    Comment
Marmalade by Mrs. B .Travis
Dear Editor: My mother made marmalade.When I married in 1950 I got her preserving pan,and have made marmalade every year since. My adult children get 16 lbs. each yearly,which is eagerly accepted. Perhaps the reason for low sales of most shop...read more >>
FEB-23-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
Boris again by C Tollemache
Dear Editor: Is Boris Johnson trying to sabotage the UK’s negotiations with the EU' (after he repeatedly referred to Brexit as “a liberation “at the recent Munich security conference.) We all know that for him the sum of £250 000 per annum...read more >>
FEB-23-2017  Viewed(56)    Comment
Birthday Plantation by Arushi Madan
Dear Editor: While we have many days to celebrate like Environment day, Earth Day etc. but besides these important days, everyone has their own very special day that is our birthdays. As a responsible inhabitant of this planet, everyone should...read more >>
FEB-23-2017  Viewed(45)    Comment
Storm Dora by Jenny miller
Dear Editor: Last night's BBC weather report advised us to beware of structural damage,and driving over high bridges and to avoid hanging out our washing! Unfortunately Whirlpool warned that our tumble driers could combust! Suits me as I'll stay...read more >>
FEB-23-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
tax payers money by John crook
Dear Editor: Sir, I am shocked to hear that two hundred million pounds of tax payers money is being given to Africa to help with the poverty . This country is hugely in debt, we need more hospitals, more schools, the roads are a disgrace,...read more >>
FEB-22-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment
10,000 steps by Josephine Lawson
Dear Editor: (10,000 steps and Apps letter to the Editor Tuesday February 22nd 2017) 10.000 steps was an idea to encourage those with a sedentary lifestyle to move about. It is about two and a half hours walking a day and is perfectly feasible...read more >>
FEB-22-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment
Rates by Michael Clarke
Dear Editor: Sir, We hear a lot about the iniquitious and inequitable Business rates but nothing about Domestic rates. How about this - Kensington and Chelsea Band H ( the highest ) over £ 320,000 Total Rates £2085. Monmouthshire Band I ( the...read more >>
FEB-22-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
Hemmed into a car park by the ´floc by Keith Attwood
Dear Editor: In response to Mr Armstrong's letter re his parking problems, surely the phenomenon is finding an empty public car park in the first place. yours faithfully Keith Attwood...read more >>
FEB-22-2017  Viewed(46)    Comment
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